Grass Cutting In Singapore – I am very sure you already know this, that one of the most vital aspects of garden care is mowing the grass and most importantly making sure the grass is cut in the right way. Proper grass care tools together with proper grass cutting techniques, will help promote the growth of lush, thick, and green grass that like you are walking on soft clouds under your feet.

In case you are a homeowner with a lawn and garden, you have options to choose from when it comes to its maintenance. You can decide to engage a professional gardener for the task, or you can decide to do it all by yourself. The former, apart from becoming expensive, might not produce the desired results and the exact level of care that you wanted. Meanwhile, apart from the time incurred cost of getting the required tools, it allows you to care for your lawn and garden as you see fit.

Proper and regular cutting of your grass in the right way can significantly assist in avoiding grass problems start with simple unintentional neglect of your lawn. Therefore no doubt cutting down your grass desired heights is quite necessary for a beautiful and more healthy grass that will be eye-catching. Here is how to cut the grass the right way

Avoid cutting the grass too short.


The majority of people incorrectly assume that when you cut the grass short it will give you a more extended period before it grows back to its old height but one common mistake you should avoid while lawn mowing is cutting the grass too low. The fact is cutting too much of grass is very damaging to its health.

One more trick to creating a beautifully manicured lawn is opposite directions every single time that you cut down your grass. You should never mow your lawn more than the same way twice. For one week, make sure that you mow in a diagonal direction, alternate the next week and mow in a horizontal direction and the third week in a vertical direction.

Vary the mowing pattern.


Every time you mow, consider alternating directions this goes a long way in creating a beautifully manicured lawn besides avoiding soil compaction if done in the same direction all the time. So it would help if you avoided mowing your lawn more than twice. If in the previous week you mowed in a horizontal direction then the following week you can consider mowing in diagonal direction then alternate with a vertical direction may be in the third week and so on.

Mind the grass clippings


Whenever possible, never throw the grass clippings away, but you must ensure that the grass clippings remain on your lawn. This will contribute essential nutrients such as nitrogen to the soil hence enriching the garden by transferring the said nutrients to the land as it decomposes. Without knowing you might think you are doing an excellent job throwing the clippings away but in reality, you wasting valuable sources of nutrients that could be beneficial to your lawn.

Always keep the mower blade sharp.


Another very vital factor to consider in ensuring you mow your grass rightly is to sharpen your blade for a clean cut as dull blades will tear up the lawn rather than cutting them, allowing rot which may result in a grayish-brown color. The grass ends up stressed and severely injured beside, leaving your grass looking worse. Most importantly, always make sure that the cutting blades are well balanced and sharp at all times. With sharp mower blades, not only are you ensuring clean lawn cuts, but you’re also extending the service life of the machine.

Grass Cutting In Singapore – Conclusion

Practicing a regular mowing routine can help avoid grass problems plus help your grass grow properly and cure the problem of grass leaning, which isn’t pleasant to the eye.

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